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Death Adder: Trying to burn unwanted body fat without sacrificing muscle, is the main objective for the majority of people who weight train. In the past when I have tried to bring my body fat down by cutting carbs and calories, I always seem to lose strength and mass along with the body fat. I wanted to come up with a product that would be able to burn fat without sacrificing muscle at the same time. Death Adders fat melting compounds are going to help you lose the fat and keep the muscle. By doing this you will have a more attractive body. This kick ass proHormone Fat Burner works best with (Masta Plex, D Plex, Fina var and Omna var) for a rock hard defined look. Benefits: *Blocks cortisol *Prohormone Fat Burner *Increased Energy *Will not burn Muscle *Stack-able with any AO product *Female Friendly



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