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Andro Drol is a prohormone using 5-Andro technology!

This is a true prohormone that converts into the male sex hormone testosterone in the human body after ingestion. Because it is nonmethylated it does not damage the half-life like prohormones of the past! Andro Drol is a MASS MONSTER product! Stacking with MD1 and scorpion tabs will give you a major increase of size and strength!

Andro Drol builds up in your system because the half-life of the compound is longer than MD1 so the 2 products complement each other very well! You will need to cycle support along with a post cycle after taking Andro Drol because it will shut down testosterone production. Scorpion tabs and or Juice guard is highly recommended when taking Andro Drol!

Cycles typically run from 4 to 12 weeks!

What to expect:
• Mass gains
• Strength gains
• Weight gains up to 15lbs is not uncommon
• Long lasting gains after use from long half life
• Great for bodybuilders or powerlifters

Andro Drol can also be stacked with injectable performance enhancers and is a great way to get mass gains without taking harsh methylated compounds that are hard on your organs.

Mass Monster = AndroDrol +MD1+SCORPION TABS
Killer Strength = Andro Drol +Fina Drol +MD1
Balanced Look= Andro Drol +Dplex+OMNAVAR


aonutrition, aonutritionall, kitclubs, bottles, mass


aonutrition, aonutritionall, kitclubs, bottles, mass

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