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When taking performance-enhancing hormones whether supplemental or medical the importance of an off-cycle is critical to avoid unwanted side effects!

Side effects such as Gyno, Acne, Depression, Muscle loss, Fat gain, Hair loss can occur when your body’s hormones are affected through cycling hormones! In order to eliminate these unwanted side effects, a proper off-cycle / Post cycle must be in place.

Because the principles are the same when it comes to supplemental prohormones and injectable anabolic the off-cycle stack can be taken by either type of athlete!

Each product with the OFF CYCLE STACK has a job to do!

The aftermath pct: will get your body’s natural Testosterone back online along with blocking DHT.

Organ armor: will repair your body’s liver functions while off cycle by creating a bile around your liver to shield and protect your liver giving it time to heal.

Halo Log: will continue to give your body gains buy Turing carbohydrates into gains because it does not affect your testosterone levels it will give your body time to get its natural test back online while keeping the gains achieved from a past cycle whether it be supplemental and or injectable!

Turkestedrol: will also be helping you keep your gains on top of creating GOOD cholesterol in your body to counteract the bad cholesterol created as a side effect from anabolic testosterone!

*Can be taken after any anabolic cycle
*Provides pct and organ protections on top of gains!
*Keeps anabolic hormones balanced to avoid side effects
*Prevents Hairloss , Loss of gains , Fat gain, GYNO, DHT, and other unwanted side effects

The off cycle stack can be taken for 1 full month allowing your body to recover from a anabolic cycle getting you ready for your next cycle with minimal loss of gains and unwanted side effects it is a all in one cycle and must be taken after a prolonged period of time on anabolic compounds!


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aonutrition, aonutritionall, pcycle

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