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D-PLEX is a prohormone produced in the adrenal glands.

D-PLEX is a pro-hormone and its conversion hormone is known as 11-ketotestosterone, which is quite an interesting hormone (being a mild androgen in humans and a sex steroid in fish). D-PLEX is a non-aromatizing analogue of Testosterone, which causes dry lean gains and fat loss, along with an increased sexual desire.

· Strength increased
· Increased libido
· Fat Loss
· Dry Gains
· Look Better Naked

Although effective as a stand-alone product, it is better utilized when stacked with other compounds. D-PLEX does have powerful properties that are noticeable to its user. Increases in strength is common in a short period of time. Most Athletes have reported seeing the best results over a 5 to 6 week cycle period using strong anabolic dosages of 400mg. Gains of a few appreciable pounds of lean body mass can be expected with a noticeable amount of fat loss (mostly from its inhibition of Cortisol).

When it comes to the Pro-hormone D-Plex (with its non-methylated structure), most Bodybuilders are doing 6 -12 weeks (which seems to be the sweet spot). Cycles any longer than that is not recommended, seeing as D-Plex will increase blood pressure. The potential for cortisol levels to rebound once the cycle ends, drastically increases the longer you use this pro-hormone.

As with anything, your body will eventually stop responding to anything if you take it too long. For that reason, running a cycle longer than 12 weeks will start to become counterproductive. Taking a break (as long as the cycle itself) should be plenty of time to clear out the body, and make it fully responsive to the compound again.

Scorpion Tabs should always be used to insure proper on cycle support while on a powerful pro-hormone!

Aftermath PCT and Organ Armor should be used (post-cycle) every time you use any Pro-hormone!

Example Stacks:
D-plex, Scorpion tabs, Oxy Ando, Fire Power =Getting ripped for the beach
D-PLEX ,Scorpion Tabs, Epi Drol = Strength and power with little water retention
D-PLEX, Scorpion Tabs, SUPER Tdrol , Dragon Tabs = MASS MONSTER



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