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Super Dragon Tabs are a hard core pro hormone that gives you additional (testosterone/ nandrolone) on top of your own production! With a surplus of (testosterone/ nandrolone) in your body, you create an anabolic environment that promotes increases in muscle mass, strength, energy, endurance, and muscle recovery. (Testosterone/ nandrolone) is both anabolic and androgenic, meaning that users will experience increases in muscle mass as well as in strength. With added testosterone, red blood cell count will increase as well resulting in improved muscle pumps during workouts as well as improved protein synthesis. Super Dragon Tabs are a true bulking compound, resulting in mass gains with some water retention. Like any hard core Pro hormone (Scorpion tabs) are recommended during cycle along with (Aftermath pct) post cycle. Dragon Tabs can be stacked with other AO Nutrition products! Super Dragon Tabs are not methylated. Hence, damage to the liver like most steroidal products are unlikely. Dragon Tabs will convert through a two-step process into the master hormones known as testosterone and nandrolone. Testosterone is generally used as the base of most cycles which is why all the old school bodybuilders used to say “test is best”! I always suggest using this compound with cycle support to help control blood pressure and an estrogen blocker to prevent unwanted side effects. Benefits Super Dragon Tabs: *Increases muscle mass *Increased sex drive and erection quality *Improves strength *Lessens recovery time *Increases nitrogen retention *Increases protein synthesis Before starting any dietary supplement seek approval from a licensed healthcare professional! *NOT Recommended for female athletes



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