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Super TDrol is the oldest anabolic compound we have on your site. It has withstood the test of time because it delivers the results people expect when they use AO Nutrition products. A true prohormone using Dehydroepiandrosterone technology Super TDrol will take you past your natural limits without causing dangerous side effects.

Super TDrol can be used for cutting and or Bulking, the user's diet will play a key role in the results Super TDrol will deliver. Super TDrol can be used as a standalone product or it can be stacked with any of our other products in order to take advantage more than one anabolic pathway to achieve gains past your natural limits. Taking Super TDrol with TRT is commonly practiced to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment!

  • Increased Strength
  • Increased weight gain
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased muscle definition
  • Can be used with TRT

Super TDrol is a great product to try first because it gives well-rounded gains that you will notice quickly this will motivate you to train harder because you will be noticing results!

Examples of stacks!

Mass: Super TDrol , MD1, Andro Drol , Halo log

Bodybuilder : Super TDrol , md2, turkestadrol, Halo log

Lean gains:  Super Tdrol, Fina Drol, Thinnermine, Omnaver

Fat loss:  Super Tdrol, Thinnermine, firepower, OmnaVar


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aonutritionall, bottles

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