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The hormone that tells your body to store nutrients is the peptide known as insulin. Insulin is a hormone that your body produces when your body eats sugars and carbohydrates. It gives your body instant energy is also makes you feel full. The energy that is not used is then stored as fat! White fat is produced by insulin and caused when the energy source is not used and stored for later use.

Thinner-Mein mimics insulin in your body but does not store as fat causing your body to tap into your white fat cells for energy and giving you the feeling of being full! It also will expel excess sodium stored by your fat cells making you lose weight at an accelerated rate.


  • Quick Weight loss
  • Energy (white fat use)
  • Fullness (caused by body sensing insulin)
  • Stackable (except with halo log)
  • Peptide Technology  ( cutting edge supplementation)


Do not use this product with Halo Log it is basically the opposite effects and they will cancel out each other. You can stack this product with any other AO nutrition product and or stack we offer to give a lean shredded fat burning result to your cycle. Can be used by male or female athletes looking to lose body fat safely through peptide technology.

EXAMPLE  of products to take with Thinner-Mine

Fina Drol scorpion tabs OmnaVar Thinner-mine  = shredded

Havoc, Mega Plex, Scorpion Tabs, Thinner-Mine   =steroidal cut stack

HAVOC, LIQUD FIRE, FINADROL, Thinner-Mine = insane shredding stack

Cannot be purchased unless included in a promo, stack, or Kit. This is a giveaway product ONLY and MUST spend $100 to qualify! Not valid with other promos or discounts, only one offer per order.


aonutrition, aonutritionall, female, cut


aonutrition, aonutritionall, female, cut

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